Maria Watt

I was first introduced to Debbie about 10 years ago in Body Balance! I hated it but went back and soon came to love it and Debbie was very much a motivating factor. I always thought it was only school teachers who had eyes in the backs of their head. Debbie sees all her students and is quick to ensure that the student is in a correct and safe position. I am privileged to have been in Debbie’s yoga classes from the start and I can honestly say she is among the best. I have had sessions with some wonderful instructors in the USA, Hawaii, England and Spain and enjoyed every minute with them but returning to Debbie always brings home how special she is. I have watched her own personal progress with admiration and fully appreciate and realise just how intuitive she is In practice. Her anatomical knowledge is extraordinary which helps students understand the benefits of certain poses but also the dangers! Debbie’s holistic treatments are special and I have been known to come away from a Reiki session muttering “white witch” under my breath! Her intuitive perception, calmness and approach makes for a very personal and wonderful experience. I would without hesitation encourage people to try one of Debbie’s Reiki or massage treatments. Quite frankly she is pretty special!
The truth by Maria Watt xx

Susan Mcdonald

I was looking for an online yoga class 18 months ago & bend breathe become was recommended to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had always done yoga before face to face.
I immediately warmed to Debbie. She has a natural teaching style & her passion for what she is does it evident. After trying out a few classes I have found the restorative yoga on a Monday night perfect.. just what you need after a busy weekend!
I have been particularly impressed with Debbie’s knowledge ( she is so knowledgeable about the body, far beyond what I have encountered before in yoga) She also has a skill of weaving other holistic practices through our yoga ie. focus on a specific chakra within our meditation practice at the beginning of the session. Debbie also always asks if anybody has any specific areas they would like to work on & is very flexible in her approach to the session & client led.
I have also attended a crystals workshop with Debbie which was fascinating, again amazing knowledge.
Thank you also for continuing online as not living locally it would not be possible to join restorative yoga on a Monday night.
Overall a fantastic, relaxing & restorative experience

Alistair Donnachie

In recent years whilst working through regular and consistent training and following injury I became acutely aware of the need for a good therapist.
A therapist that I could trust and who would be aware of anatomy, surrounding tissues and muscles and have the knowledge to help treat my injury effectively, keeping me on the road and my schedule of running and cycling
Debbie fits that description perfectly .
I have found her to have exemplary knowledge of anatomy and her advice and explanation of any injury or treatment plan is absolutely spot on. She describes the issue clearly and talks through the treatment plan.
I managed to achieve my goal and complete the running schedule and it was only achieved through regular expert intervention and treatment from Debbie and by following the stretching and exercise regime prescribed.

Helen Robertson

I’ve been attending Debbie’s sessions for several years in person and online.
Debbie has the unique ability to be able to sense what you need mentally and physically and is a very empathetic person. Debbie has so much positive energy to share, which you can feel through a laptop screen !
This wonderful combination supports me enormously, and after each session and without fail, I feel the benefits of being with Debbie at Bend Breathe Become – thank you Debbie.

Elizabeth Ann

Debbie is a world class Yoga Teacher and therapist. I have attended her online classes since April 2020 and I can truly say they have made a phenomenal difference to my health, fitness and wellbeing. Debbie is simply the Best xxx

Anna Stevenson

I started doing yoga with Debbie during the first lock down. After my first lesson I was hooked! Through her excellent teaching I immediately started to feel the benefits physically and mentally. She is always encouraging and differentiates poses to suit all levels. No two lessons are the same and are crafted to suit everyone’s needs. She has helped me alleviate back pain, reduce stress and increase my fitness levels.

Claire-Louise Zimnowloski

I have been doing Debbie’s classes for a number of years in a class setting and have always loved her ability to support and encourage. When covid started and we had to go online I was dubious of how it would work but I was keen to continue to enjoy Debbie’s classes and what she brought through her body balance and yoga classes. Keeping my physically and mentally fir and healthy.
It worked really well once we all adjusted to the new norm. During this time I became pregnant and I knew Debbie would be the right person to look after me in class and keep me and baby safe,fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy. Her adaptations were amazing and even online I would get personalised instruction on how to adapt the poses in pregnancy so baby bump and I stayed safe. Being able to safely continue with my classes was important to me and I think it helped with being very active right up to giving birth to my daughter. Now that she has arrived I have managed to get back to classes, not as frequently but I will. Debbie has given me various options when I was recovering after my C section and her knowledge and understanding made the classes enjoyable . Now to get my core back in 2022 with Debbie’s help!

Mary McCormack

I enjoy Debbie’s online and in person classes as there’s always a laugh involved.
She explains the reasons behind our practice, describing the muscles being used and is always encouraging. Her meditation before yoga classes is wonderful.
We are offered challenges and suggestions for continuing our practice in our own time.
She gets to know her class members and is able to support us with our differing needs.
I feel my practice has improved through this. Lockdown was hard but her classes kept me a little more balanced. Thanks

Laura Laird

Debbie is a wonderful instructor who makes every single yoga and fitness session so varied and interesting. She has so much knowledge that she imparts freely and generously.
Her relaxed, good humored approach puts you totally at ease, and with her encouragement I’ve mastered yoga poses I never thought I would!
The restorative yoga class is honestly my favorite hour of the week!

Lindsey Lee

I have done Debbie’s classes for quite a few years – the mixture of yoga, body balance and stretch and tone classes on offer are great and work every part of your body, but, importantly Debbie coaches you through each one. Throughout the classes she offers “options” of levels depending on fitness level but, also importantly, depending on how your own body is feeling that particular day.
I have taken part in her online classes throughout COVid and find her teaching / coaching to be first class as she guides you through each class. Debbie will regularly ask , at the beginning of some yoga classes, what we want to work on, allowing us to suggest parts of our body which maybe need extra care/stretching etc and Debbie will happily incorporate this into that class.
I’m a huge fan and would really recommend giving the classes as go & decide for yourself!

Fiona Brown

Debbie is an amazing yoga and fitness instructor! Her online classes are wonderfully varied and so easy to adapt to your own level. Her explanations are super clear and you really do feel as if she’s in the room with you! Needless to say, her face to face classes are also absolutely superb. I’ve also benefited hugely from Debbie’s excellent massage and Reiki therapies over the last year. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Katy Bell

Absolutely loved my very first Reiki session with Debbie. I came in with no expectations at all and left feeling amazing! Really light and uplifted. Haven’t felt like that in a long while. I can’t even describe the surreal feeling.

I can only recommend 100% for people to try.

Lindsey Scott

I had my first Reiki experience with Debbie and I didn’t really know what to expect but I came away relaxed and a big smile on my face that’s been missing for quite a wee while. The experience itself was very relaxing and a bit surreal (in a good way) The conversation we had afterwards was so spot on, I don’t know how Reiki does it but Debbie managed to address quite a few issues I’ve got going on at the moment.I feel loads better and a lot more positive than I’ve been for a while. Can’t wait for my next session.

Caroline Parkinson

I’ve had another amazing Reiki session with Debbie.

She works wonders balancing out my energy. I always come away feeling so much clearer and lighter.

A lovely, lovely experience I would definitely recommend.

Helen C – Special Teacher

Debbie’s classes are always varied, challenging and fun. She explains things well and is very approachable. I always finish a class smiling and feeling good even though I don’t always manage all the poses. Debbie breaks it all down to a level which suits me. With Debbie’s guidance and encouragement I always feel safe in her class.

Carol Bayne

Debbie’s yoga class is just what I’ve been looking for. She is a very experienced teacher. I had not done any yoga for several years but Debbie put me completely at ease, she is so encouraging and explains throughout the lesson. She is a very friendly, helpful and a lovely person. She comes round in her face to face classes and helps everyone during class. I am so glad I found her classes.

Susan Harper

Debbie’s online classes are well constructed . She always checks in with everyone at the start to ensure she has knowledge of any pertinent issues. I have participated since the start of lockdown 1 and do Stretch and Tone once or twice a week as well as a morning yoga session. She differentiates each activity- so participants can make it simpler or more challenging , meeting the needs of a varied group. Can highly recommend! Susan Harper

Mariclair Dewar

I would 100%recommend all of Debbie’s classes! Debbie is a brilliant instructor. She is knowledgeable, very friendly, caring and always makes sure that you are following correct technique and posture in her classes! If you haven’t already tried one of her classes then give it a go you will not regret it!!