The Loft

The Loft at bend breathe become

The Loft at bend breathe become is a new specialised yoga studio in the heart of Kirkcaldy. Our customer focused specialists team (including certified physiotherapists and sport therapist) will guide you through your practice gently encouraging you to find what feels good and understand the importance or pre- hab over re-hab. Safety element is key so we work anatomically with each individual participant, giving them a more special unique experience so they see and feel the difference.

The Loft offers various yoga disciplines, physio led pilates, meditation, pranayama, stretch N tone, mobility, mother and baby hatha yoga, along with a range of holistic services including reiki, massage and crystal therapy.

The Lofts aim is to provide a safe, friendly and fun hub for everyone to enjoy! The door is always open at “bend breathe become”. We all look forward to seeing you there.